Collector’s Corner: Blade Runner


Happy New Year, readers! To start 2020, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the favorite things from my own movie collection. This week’s pick is the Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Blade Runner. Released in 2007 to commemorate the landmark science fiction movie’s 25th anniversary, it’s loaded with behind the scenes info and comes with a lot of paraphernalia that is sure to satisfy hardcore fans of the movie.

The set comes in a snazzy Deckard briefcase.


After opening the case, one side contains the movie itself. And this set features not just one cut of the movie. No. It has five cuts of it, including the rare workprint version, which ran 113  minutes and was shown to test audiences in Denver and Dallas. Negative responses to that version led to the modifications for the film’s theatrical cut. The positive reactions led to a successful push to release a director’s cut years later. Why are there so many versions of Blade Runner? Mostly creative differences between the studio and director Ridley Scott. I prefer the director’s cut from 2007. One of the biggest changes is that it drops the voiceover narration. I know that gives the movie a futuristic film noir feel. But it explains way too much of the story and doesn’t let the audience experience it as they should.

In addition to having multiple cuts of the movie, this set has a fascinating behind the scenes documentary called Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner. This for me is one of the best making of docs I have ever seen. It gives viewers a good look at what went on behind the scenes of the famously troubled production. It gives you the good, the bad and the ugly of filmmaking and pulls no punches. One of the best little touches is archival footage showing some of the reactions to the film by Philip K. Dick, whose short story, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, was what Blade Runner was based on.


The set also comes with some neat collectibles. There’s a replica of the movie’s iconic flying car, a unicorn figurine (a memento of the movie’s wildly debated ending) and lots of artwork prints to honor Blade Runner’s incredible visuals. This set is a must for movie lovers, especially those who love science fiction.






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