Favorite On-Screen Couples Week 2: Lady and the Tramp


For week two of my spotlight on favorite on-screen couples,I am also participating in my first blogathon. The prompt for this one was to reflect on a favorite classic film kiss. My pick is the kiss of my favorite Disney couple: Lady and the Tramp.


While there have been many human Disney couples through the years,there’s something about the puppy love of Lady and the Tramp that makes it one of my favorite love stories. I think part of the appeal is that the dogs have human emotions but in a very believable way. Lady and Tramp do meet when Lady is learning from the neighborhood dogs what a baby is. Her owners are expecting the new arrival anytime now. Tramp offers his insights on how pets are ignored once babies arrive,much to the chagrin of dogs Jock and Trusty. Later when Lady runs afoul of babysitter Aunt Sarah thanks to the woman’s mischievous Siamese cats,she’s muzzled. She runs away and eventually meets up with a beaver and Tramp,who help her get it off.

Tramp shows her around town to cheer her up. He eventually takes her to Tony’s Restaurant. Tony serves the two dogs spaghetti and serenades them with Bella Notte. As they share their spaghetti and meatball dinner,they slurp a strand of spaghetti together as the plate runs low,eventually meeting in an unplanned lip lock. Lady turns away and looks all bashful. The It’s one of the great romantic moments in movie history,live action or animated.

Why is it such a special kiss? For me I think a lot of it has to do with the spontaneity. I didn’t expect dogs to end up at an Italian restaurant,let alone see them treated like a human couple by the owner. There’s something so simple about sharing a special dinner out with someone you love. While the love story is between two dogs,many of the things they do feel like things human couples would do. A romantic candlelight dinner is one of them. Lady’s reaction after the kiss seems so genuine that it just makes me smile every time. Having the great song like Bella Notte play over their romantic moment and seeing the romantic look in Lady’s eyes gives it even more charm. I love that Tony even serenades them with the song while playing it on accordion! All of these ingredients have solidified it as an iconic romantic movie moment.

Lady and the Tramp are one of my favorite on-screen couples not just because of their iconic kiss scene. Their relationship is a classic case of opposites attracting. Lady is a product of the middle class world of her humans. Tramp is a stray from the wrong side of the tracks. It feels like the romance in West Side Story in that regard. Their romance blossoms out of very relatable circumstances. Lady feels taken for granted when she’s pushed aside due to the arrival of the baby. Tramp comforts her by showing her she’s wanted. They go through a rough patch when Lady finds out from dog Darling about Tramp’s many girlfriends in the iconic musical number He’s a Tramp. Bonus? Darling is voiced by Peggy Lee! Finding out your lover has a checkered relationship history is another universal plot point in human romantic stories.

Towards the end when Tramp saves the baby from a rat in the bedroom,he’s taken to the pound by Aunt Sarah and Lady is locked in the basement. That’s a natural reaction when you see a tipped over baby crib and two dogs,right? Lady and the other dogs team up to save Tramp from the pound. Eventually the humans learn the error of their ways. Tramp decides to give up his bachelor life on the streets to be with Lady. Sacrificing for love is another reason this is such an engaging love story.

Lady and the Tramp are right up their with the best human couples in movie history. They transform each other in believable ways. Their relationship ups and downs ring true. There have been many great kisses in movie history,but few have left as much of an impression on me as the one that happens in Lady and the Tramp over a plate of spaghetti. It’s adorable in its simplicity and spontaneity. Motion picture history has been dominated by human romances,but the puppy love of Lady and the Tramp deserves to right up there with them.

6 thoughts on “Favorite On-Screen Couples Week 2: Lady and the Tramp

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  3. Thanks for contributing this lovely piece to the blogathon, Elise! I haven’t seen Lady and the Tramp…wait a minute, have I *ever* seen it? When I was little I had these Disney record/books. They were used when I got them in the early ’60s. They were 78s(!), that shows you how old they were. And you read along with the record, and a bell rang when it was time to turn the page. I think it had the songs from the movie and the story and some illustrations. Wish I had those now! My grandmother sold them in a garage sale without checking with me… Anyway, thanks for an enjoyable read.

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